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My practice is stuck

dental practice is stuck

  • -Losing patients to the competition? 
  • -Are the corporate chains moving into your area?
  • -Are you struggling to get new patients?
  • -Ineffective dental marketing that's just not working? 
  • -Wish you were busy like you used to be? 

If any of these things sound familiar, contact us here: , we can get your practice unstuck. 

My practice is growing

grow your dental practice

  • -Ready for rapid growth? 
  • -Need dental marketing to take you to the next level?
  • -Do you desire to get to the next income bracket?
  • -Need consultation on adding associate doctors?
  • -Does the idea of opening multiple offices appeal to you?


I bought a new practice

bought a practice

    • -Overwhelmed with what to do next?
    • -Looking for advice on front-office operations?
    • -Want to make sure you get an ROI on your marketing investments? 
    • -Need help with getting the "big picture" into actionable steps?
    • -Scared you'll choose the wrong dental marketing company?

Want a thriving, growing practice?

Our services make your dental practice highly visible to your ideal patient base through a combination of tactics including ranking your website on Google, digital and non-digital marketing, patient testimonials and social media. We are experts at positioning your practice so that it will attract new, high quality patients. Our strategic methods make dental practices active, busy and profitable.

Why are we so good at what we do? Our team members have decades of experience with marketing and advertising that produce results. Our “secret weapon” is Dr. Bridenstine, a wet-finger dentist (he is still practicing!) who has built multiple, highly successful practices  from scratch. There is an art and science to building the right team including front desk reception, hygienists and associate doctors. You'll receive expert consultations in these areas, along with your customized growth plan.


You and your practice are unique; so are our solutions. For that reason, every doctor we work with receives an individualized plan, and a dedicated client advisor, with weekly phone calls so that you are always in the know. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s actually possible to make more money, work less, and have more time for family…the answer is a resounding YES! Our services are not for everyone – we only work with select dental practices.

To see if you qualify, click HERE.

Professional SEO services

Ignite Your Website!

We'll use our proprietary ranking techniques to ignite your website and deliver a steady stream of new patients looking for dental services in your area. Call us before your competition does.

Reach more of your ideal patients with concierge level dental marketing that works.

Educate new and existing patients about your practice and treatment offerings

Overtake the competition without them ever knowing how you did it

For Dentists, by Dental Professionals

Search Engine & Social Media Optimization Experts

What makes our services different?

Breakthrough Dental Marketing focus on one thing and one thing only - how to attract new patients to your dental practice. By taking advantage of our specialized, tactical dental marketing and office operations consulting, we'll take your practice to where you always knew it could go. As every doctor, office and city are unique, so are our services. First, we'll perform an X-ray analysis of your website and current marketing. Next, we'll have a strategy meeting with you to identify where your practice is at, where you want to do, and what the gap is.

Together we'll create a go-forward marketing strategy that when implemented, will bring you the results you desire. Next, we'll introduce you to your client advisor. This person will be contacting you via phone on a regular basis to keep you abreast of website ranking, what marketing work we've completed, and what's next on the agenda. In fact, we insist on these regular phone calls with every one of our clients. What's the last time a company you did business with insisted on actually talking with you on a regular basis? Our guess is never!

We're different from most dental marketing firms. On our team is  Dr. Kelly Bridenstine, who is a wet-finger dentist. He has built from scratch multiple, highly successful and profitable dental practices. When you combine targeted dental marketing with smart business consulting, it's a one-two punch that will move your practice forward to where you want to be. After all, isn't your goal to make more money, work less and have more time with your family? There is a proven path to get your practice to where you always knew it could be.  

Have questions? Give us a call or Email us to learn more.

Can your ideal patients find you and your practice? Our proprietary techniques will be put into action so that your office acts as a beacon to patients seeking your services.

In house work. We do all of our work in house, no outsourcing ...period.

You'll have a dedicated account manager. This account manager will have regularly scheduled phone calls with you, and answer any questions you may have.

Every month, we'll send you detailed reports showing the trends and progress with your website and our dental marketing efforts.

From the onset of the project, we will provide you a clear and concise game plan for healing your practice.You don't like hidden fees and "oh that costs extra" fees and neither do we.

Monitoring your online reviews and soliciting reviews from your satisfied patients is vital for the health of your practice. We'll monitor your online reviews and show your staff how to manage what people are saying about your practice online. We'll show you how we work to prevent bad reviews from being posted online, and what to do if one appears. We'll provide monthly reporting as well.

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