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Ready to grow your practice to the next level?

We’re fully adept at taking a thriving, successful dental practice onward and upward with organic, predictable, sustainable growth.

If you’re in this spot, consider yourself fortunate. Unlike other dental practices, you’re enjoying the fruits of your dedication, hard work, smart business decisions and of course, marketing.


We’re fully adept at taking a thriving, successful dental practice onward and upward with organic, predictable, sustainable growth. When you find yourself in this position, it’s an interesting experience. You know that what you’re doing is working, but you likely have a lot of questions about what comes next. There’s a number of factors that you likely haven’t taken into consideration here which we’d like to talk about.

First – you, your associate doctor(s), staff, patients, and where you’re located are unique. Be wary of any company that offers you a “standard approach” or a pre-configured “package deal”. What got you to this point in your dental practice is not likely any cookie-cutter approach. What you’ve done is different. When we work with clients at this level, the first thing we do is take an X-ray analysis of where your practice is at, and what you’ve done to reach that point. Much in the same way that you need to give any new patient a full intra and outer oral examination before putting together a go forward plan, we’ll do the same with your dental practice.

You know that your competition is growing, seeing more new patients, and making more money while enjoying more free time at home with their family. Now is the time to accelerate the growth of your practice and take it to the next level you always knew was possible.

Do any of these describe you and your practice right now? If so, contact us today to talk about taking your dental practice to the next level. You are in a prime position to do so!

  • “My practice is growing – I’m seeing more patients than ever, and what to make sure that I can handle the influx of new patients in a sustainable way that doesn’t make me or my staff burn out”.
  •  “I’m not sure the marketing company I hired will be able to pivot to where I need them to – they only offer pre-packaged marketing plans. I need a custom solution to fits my needs and my patients”
  •   “I’d love to add an associate doctor – but it’s new territory for me. How do I find the doctor, what should I pay them and more importantly – how do I keep them busy”?
  • “It would be great if I was the first dentist in my area that everyone thought of or found out about when they were looking for a new doctor”


If the above items resonate with you, consider yourself to be in a very fortunate position: you’re ready to grow your practice! This can be an exciting time, but make sure that you lay the correct foundation before embarking on phase of your dental business.


One of the keys to our effectiveness is Dr. Bridenstine. He has built multiple highly successful dental practices is an a key advisor on our team. Dr. Bridenstine is one of your “wet finger dentist” peers who knows what is and isn’t working now, as they are operating their own practice . When you engage our services, you’ll be working the latest, cutting edge, effective teams who know how to market in the highly competitive dental arena.


While it’s true that you need a customized, highly focused marketing campaign to take your practice to the next level, that is only part of the equation. When your practice arrives at this destination, it’s time to step back, take a look at what’s working, what isn’t and what will be required to grow without finding yourself now working twice as long for about the same pay.

All too often, we’ve seen dental practices latch onto a great marketing strategy that works for their office and simply “turn up the volume” on it, only to realize that they aren’t ready to handle the influx of new patients, the added cosmetic cases or the profitable but time consuming elderly and/or periodontist patient demographic. Before taking that next step, we’ll take a close look at your practice, document where you are at, what’s producing the results you desire, where you want to be, and what that gap is. Once we’ve performed a gap analysis, we can then work with you to create a fully customized go-forward strategy that will bring together all aspects of your business, turning your dental office into a well-oiled machine. The key here at this stage is systemize, while still providing a personal touch to each patient you see. Rest assured knowing that you can rely on our expertise to walk you through this process.

At this level, it’s our combination of customized marketing and guidance from Dr. Bridenstine that afford you the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise so that you can grow at the right pace, with all of the right components in your practice. In fact, when you work with us at the growth stage, it’s mandatory that you have a weekly or bi-weekly call with your account manager, and a monthly advisory call with Dr. Bridenstine. It’s not just a matter of bringing you new patients, which as we all know, are the lifeblood of any dental practice – it’s bringing them into the practice in a way that is planned, sustainable and manageable. It’s this one-two combination of marketing and advisory services that will give your business accelerated growth.

Mobile marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for interacting with users on a more personal level. Today, we can address a much more specific audience according not just to age, gender and location, but also to interests and mobile browsing data, as well as other factors that give the possibility to reach a specific target segment, within a specific audience profile.

Experts in developing websites, our implementation services are tailored to meet your individual needs. As a leading mobile marketing professional team, we can manage your entire mobile campaign from strategy outline, audience profiling, campaign design and development, right through to delivery and reporting.


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We provide a bespoke analysis of your mobile marketing strategy tailored to meet business needs. Don’t miss out on a huge business opportunity – go mobile!

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We ensure a great browsing experience for all users with focused efforts on mobile and desktop.

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We know the potential for mobile marketing for business success that's why our mobile campaigns are based on accurate targeting.

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We use a cross-channel approach that integrates various mobile channels including SMS mobile marketing campaigns.

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